About Waimalu
The census designated place, or the CDP, of Waimalu is a part of the Honolulu County. This is situated in the state of Hawaii,

one of the states of the United States of America. This area is quite small as compared to a number of other areas of the Honolulu County. The people and the census designated place itself are not affected a lot by globalization. The people take more pleasure in the rural life which they are living. The town is very sleepy looking, and one of the features which may make people think that the town is very backward is the scarcity of traffic signals present. But the fact of the matter is that the people of the census designated place of Waimalu want to stay away from the crowds and the noise which is the standard feature of a big city. Instead, what the locals who live here want is peace and quiet so that they can relax. This area is nothing short of a part of heaven. It takes only around thirty minutes by car to get to Waimalu from the Honolulu International Airport. This area is very peaceful. The climate of Waimalu can be classified as being a tropical climate, which is wonderful. The beach which is located near to it has white sand, and the surf, which is crashing, is perfect for surfers.

The total population of the census designated place of Waimalu is twenty nine thousand three hundred and seventy one people. This is according to the figures collected in the year 2000. Waimalu covers a total area of around six square miles. This is the same as around sixteen square kilometers. Out of the total area, around fifteen square kilometers or six square miles is covered by land, and the remaining 0.5 square kilometers or 0.2 square miles is covered by water. As per these figures, water takes up around three percent of the area.
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