Beautiful places of Waimalu
Waimalu is a tropical land situated in the county of Honolulu which is in the state of Hawaii. Waimalu is a land with many beautiful places.

Its is a great attraction for tourist who come here every year to enjoy the sunny beaches and its deeply rooted culture. The people of Waimalu are hospitable and welcome outsiders. The beaches of Waimalu offer its residents first class facilities and the famous whaling port which is found in the heart of the district has the biggest attraction called the English fig tree. There is a number of swimming museum in the locality. By many people it is considered one of the most beautiful places in the whole of Hawaii. Its beaches are regarded by tourists as he most beautiful in the whole of Hawaii with their sandy coasts and rocky cliff and numerous lush valleys with small waterfalls. Above the top of the mountain tourists can witness a mighty volcano on the slopes of which cattle can be seen grazing. It can be reached either on horseback or by hiking across the landscape. It is also possible to stay there through the night and return in the morning after witnessing the most amazing sunrise. Waimalu is one of the most beautiful places and provides people with lot s of places to swim as clear waters from seven different pools flow through the area until it finally reaches the blue ocean. Waimalu is situated around sixty feet above sea level. Waimalu has magnificent beaches to spend holidays on. Waimalu has beaches which provide people with great hideaways. Lanikai and Waimalu are the two beaches that provide the community with promising destinations. In its beautiful beaches and amazing shores they hold the real sense of a paradise island. The beaches allow recreational activities for tourists throughout the year and natural wildlife. Along the south border is a secluded area from where people can reach the botanical gardens. At the botanical gardens people can enjoy a picnic or lunch and watch the beautiful scenery. In the evening the beaches are a lovely place to watch the sunset.

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