History of Waimalu
Waimalu was inhabited with Hawaiian families almost 15000 years ago and are believe to be one of the early settlers in the world today.

They used to fish and played on the slopes that surround the marshes. It is reported that the marshes were inhabited and first occupied about five hundred AD. Because of the marshes it was not possible to cultivate and therefore there was no agriculture in spite of the abundance of rain in the area. In early days the Hawaiians used to live beside the lagoon that was situated hundreds of meters from the shoreline. Waimalu was thickly populated in ancient times and was the capital of the area where kings used to live. In 1940 the population of Waimalu was decreased to a small number of three thousand. After the world war two the appearance of Waimalu had changed significantly in appearance. A lot of portions of land had been purchased by the government to expand its military bases. In Waimalu the early habitation is evidenced by archeological proofs that go way back and are probably done by the Polynesian settlers. After the Second World War the first recorded European contact with the land was after 1889 during which time European settlers came into the land and inhabited making the place a spectrum of culture. In early twentieth century Waimalu was an independent state which was recognized by Hawaii but because of several challenges to the past government it had to be derecognized. In old times people used to make their living by fishing which brought a major income to the district. The average family in Waimalu was very prosperous until the Second World War. Waimalu is also a commercial district with great activities in trade, industry and education etc. After the disaster that was brought, the progress in the sugar industry was brought to and end. Being an agricultural land previously, the fertility of its lands was destroyed by the war but it has been revived and the land is now able to sustain the vegetation and provide its people with a good income and a prosperous living.

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