Waimalu Beaches
Waimalu is a district situated in Honolulu which is a county situated in the state of Hawaii.

Waimalu is a residential community but at one time it used to be an agricultural spot. The climate in Waimalu is moderate throughout the year which is mainly because of the beautiful beaches and coastlines. Waimalu is located on the south western coast of the Oahu Islands and extends from the hill of Koolau range to Waimalu bay. Waimalu is a beautiful coastal paradise allowing its residents and tourists a brilliant view of the blue pacific. Waimalu is situated around sixty feet above sea level. Waimalu has magnificent beaches to spend holidays on. Waimalu has beaches which provide people with great hideaways. Lanikai and Waimalu are the two beaches that provide the community with promising destinations. Waimalu beach provides a natural relief to the metropolitan skylines with sandy beaches and perfect picnic spots where locals and tourists alike can enjoy the panoramic view of the blue pacific and enjoy unlimited opportunities of outdoor recreational activities. The great blue of the pacific allows people to enjoy fishing and boating and provides a place where swimmers can enjoy the nature and marshes. Another beach location in Waimalu is the Waimalu beach park which is in south Waimalu bay. Here, a lot of marine activities are available like fishing, boating and previously clamming were also done. Swimming is not so common here as the water is salty and does not look very inviting with its muddy appearance. The beaches are dominated by reefs and give a splendid scenic feature. Two islands within the bay are very prominent and are the volcanic remnants located in the southeast part of the bay. They are owned by the state of Hawaii and play a significant role in the ecology of the area. In its beautiful beaches and amazing shores they hold the real sense of a paradise island. The beaches allow recreational activities for tourists throughout the year and natural wildlife.

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