Waimalu Culture
The census designated place of Waimalu is home to a number of different people belonging to different ethnic backgrounds and different races.

All of them live together in the same area and do so in harmony and without any problems. The census designated place of Waimalu is situated in the Honolulu County which is itself in the state of Hawaii. The nature of the people who live in this area is very polite. But it usually happens that sometimes when people come to Waimalu for the first time they might not be treated like they were friends of the locals. At the beginning they are treated like they do not belong and that they are outsiders. The term which is used to refer to the new comers is malihini. The culture in the census designated place of Waimalu is varied and different. But even though it might seem that they are very snobbish and unfriendly to those who are new, the truth of the matter is that one thing which is common in the culture of every one is that they always want to make new friends. Some of the reasons for this is that they get more energy, learn new things and obtain new ideas, as well as increase the financial resources of their home.

After the initial period of coldness, those who are new are treated like they have been there forever. They are then accepted as one of their own. The local people of this area are very generous and very kind. That is what their culture is. Even with the number of different ethnic backgrounds existing here, there is no trouble as people might expect. The reason why there are so many cultures living here is that there has been a lot of traveling done by the people. As a result people belonging to a particular culture know about other cultures as well, and have adapted some part of them.
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