Waimalu Language
The census designated place of Waimalu is located in the state of Hawaii which is one of the states of the United States of America.

The area is a part of the Honolulu County, and according to figures collected in the year 2000, Waimalu is home to twenty nine thousand three hundred and seventy one people. The census designated place of Waimalu is home to people belonging to different ethnic back grounds and cultures, as well as different nationalities. Out of the total population, fifteen percent of the people are Filipino, the Chinese make up five percent of the people, the percentage of the Caucasians is twenty percent, the Polynesian or Hawaiian people make up twenty percent of the population, and the Japanese are also twenty percent of the total population. Besides these races and nationalities, there are other various and mixed races and ethnic backgrounds who live in the census designated place of Waimalu. With so many different nationalities living here, it is natural to expect that the number of languages which are spoken here are in the same number as the different people. The reason for this variety in the people is that in the past a lot of people came to the islands of Hawaii as well as Waimalu because there were a lot of opportunities available for work.

But it should be kept in mind that, as stated before, Waimalu is a part of Hawaii, and Hawaii is a part of the United States of America. So it can also be said with certainty that the census designated place is also a part of the United States of America. Therefore the language which is spoken here most of the time by most of the people is English. Some of the people in certain locales also speak a number of other languages. There is also a slang version of English known as Pidgin English which is spoken here.
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