Waimalu weather
The census designated place, or the CDP, of Waimalu is a part of the Honolulu County, which is located in the state of Hawaii.

Because of this position at which the census designated place of Waimalu is situated, the climate can be classified as being a tropical climate. In most of the areas of the Honolulu County, the case is the same. Even though the climate is classified as a tropical climate, the weather of the census designated place of Waimalu, that which includes both the humidity and the temperature, is influenced by the position where it is located, which is in the center of the ocean.. There is a current known as the California Current which passes through the islands of Hawaii throughout most of the year. A cooling effect is provided to the census designated place of Waimalu as a result of the passing of this current. The daily average low and high temperatures in the month of January are eighteen degrees Centigrade and twenty seven degrees Centigrade respectively. And in the month of July, the daily average low and high temperatures are and twenty three degrees centigrade and thirty one degrees Centigrade respectively. The temperature goes above thirty two degrees centigrade in extremely rare cases. And it is only a couple of times in a year when it happens that the lowest temperature which is reached goes to fifteen degrees centigrade.

The highest temperature which has ever been recorded in the census designated place of Waimalu in the daily average high and low temperatures has been thirty five degrees centigrade. It was on September 19 in the year 1994 when this temperature was reached. And the lowest ever temperature which was recorded in the census designated place of Waimalu has been fifty three degrees Fahrenheit. It was on January 31 in the year 1998 when it was recorded. A number of times, including the year 1948 and the year 1972, the same lowest temperature has been recorded in this area.
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